Security portal advises against the app of the delivery service Gorillas.  The Gorillas logo: The company promises deliveries in the shortest possible time.  (Source: imago images / Michael Gstettenbauer)

The delivery service Gorillas promises food deliveries in the shortest possible time. Users can order via the app. But experts advise against it – because of privacy.

Users should prefer not to use the Gorillas shopping app for Android. “”, the information portal for safe cell phone use, advises against the program. As a reason, “” cites a “risk to your privacy.”

According to “”, the Gorillas app picks up all kinds of data and also sends them to third-party services. Various marketing and analysis services are given access to the location of the users if they have given them authorization. Personal data such as first and last name, e-mail address, postal address or the advertising ID of the device are also sent to third-party providers.

Among other things, the app sent the operator Gorillas Technologies GmbH the email address and the smartphone’s advertising ID. “This is not necessary for the functionality of the app and is usually only used to analyze users, to buy additional information about them and to be able to address them specifically with advertising outside the app,” writes “mobilprü”.

“” rates the whole thing as so critical that the specialist side of the app gave the app the most negative PrivacyScore: 5. There are only a few apps with such a bad rating on the information portal.

“We see these providers again and again”

In an interview with t-online, “mobilprü” project manager Miriam Ruhenstroth refers primarily to the marketing companies Adjust GmbH, Braze and Branc Metrics, which collect data from users of the Gorillas app. “We see these services again and again in other apps,” says Ruhenstroth. “So you collect a lot of information from users from different sources and could theoretically merge them.”

Ruhenstroth points out that users should not be indifferent to such data tracking, even if the possible consequences are not immediately apparent. According to Ruhenstroth, this was a large industry that specialized in collecting data from users. “It is naive to believe that it will stick with advertising,” says Ruhenstroth. “Such data is further monetized. And other products could emerge that could intervene much more deeply in our living environment, for example when awarding a lease or a job. “

According to Ruhenstroth, it is not unusual for an app to distribute so much data to third parties. “But the depth of the data is very critical,” she says. In many cases it is data that users cannot easily change. “Once you have a movement profile, you can’t just move,” says Ruhenstroth. “You can also be permanently identified by your email address.”

At the request of “mobilprü” on the subject, Gorillas referred to the “partnerships address”, as reported by the portal on Twitter.

Gorillas has also asked t-online for a statement. The company has announced that it will submit a comment later. As soon as an opinion is received, it will be added to this article.

Employee and resident complaints against gorillas

Gorillas is a delivery service start-up from Berlin that was founded in 2020. The company is now also active in other German and European cities as well as in New York. Gorillas wants to offer food deliveries at supermarket prices within ten minutes.

In the past, however, the company has repeatedly come under fire. In May, the company had to admit a data breach. Around 200,000 customer data were publicly available on the Internet. More on this read here.

Employees also sued repeatedly about bad working conditions. Residents in Berlin also complained frequently about the hastily set up gorillas logistics centers in their area: According to the Berliners, deliverers blocked sidewalks. Residents also complained about the noise during deliveries.